General Maintenance:
• If rabbits, rodents or deer have been a problem in past winters be sure to have repellents, tree wraps and guards available.
• Cement fountains, bird baths and pots should be covered or turned over to prevent water from freezing and cracking the bowls.
• We recommend de-icing products that are safer for pets, plants, lawns and concrete.
• Provide birds with fresh water and seed to help them through the winter. Bird Bath Heaters and Heated Bird Baths available in our store.

Trees & Shrubs:
• Protect young trees this winter from sun-scald by wrapping the trunk with tree wrap. This will also help discourage rodents from chewing and damaging the trunk.
• Monitor trees and shrubs for ice and snow. Let ice melt naturally rather than trying to break it with a heavy object. If evergreens begin to bend with the weight of the snow, gently brush off with a broom.
• Monitor for animal damage and apply repellents when necessary.


• Avoid walking or driving on frozen turf as much as possible. This breaks grass blades and can damage lawns.
• Use de-icing products that are safer for lawns and plants.

Perennial & Vegetable Gardens:

• Grow herbs indoors to have fresh herbs for cooking all winter.
• Great time to plan, organize and compile a list of things to do this spring.
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