History & Overview

Blodgett Milling Co. Inc. was founded by Ted and Jack Blodgett in 1954. As an independent feed mill they served the agricultural community with feed, seed and fertilizer for many years. Their mission was simple, to offer quality products and service at a competitive price. After 10 years of service and the demise of the family farms the business evolved with the customers’ changing needs.

In 1968, the garden center was added to include trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials. Then a complete line of pet foods, wild bird seed and feeders were added. Each addition brought success and with more emphasis on gardening the business was forever changed and so was the name to “Blodgett Garden Center”.

In 2000, the next generation of Blodgett Garden Center stepped forward. After working alongside Jack for 12 years, Lauri Latsch joined him as part owner. Together, they continue to work hard to serve the needs of their customers, employees and their community.

With so many challenges facing small independents there was one that was difficult to rise above. In 2010, the business suffered a devastating fire that destroyed the entire retail store and offices. The support received from family, friends, customers and the community was overwhelming. Jack and Lauri were committed to rebuilding this long time business and are proud of the beautiful facility that rose from the ashes.

Today, they still sell feed, seed and fertilizer and the garden center has grown to encompass a great selection of pet food, wild bird seed, home decor and only quality annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs. The entire staff remains committed to the mission the Blodgett family set forth over 50 years ago. Come see for yourself why Blodgett Garden Center was voted “Best of the Area” by the Jefferson Co Daily Union readers' and why they are considered one of the premier garden centers in southeastern Wisconsin.
August 1965, Blodgett Milling Co. Inc. was founded in 1954. - Garden Center in Fort Atkinson, WI
Old Mill Truck - Garden Center in Fort Atkinson, WI
Devastating fire in 2010 - Garden Center in Fort Atkinson, WI
Rebuilding - Garden Center in Fort Atkinson, WI
Blodgett - Garden Center in Fort Atkinson, WI
Decorative Display - Garden Center in Fort Atkinson, WI
"Great Service, Experienced Staff And Quality Products"
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